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sherlock st barts harry potterYou start with what was Diagon Alley in the first Harry Potter film. And you can see why it was chosen – it’s a spectacular, amazing place. Then you pass through City locations used in Bridget Jones, Chariots of Fire and 28 Days. Then it’s on to St Pauls which has been used for numerous films, and you’ll hear about its most famous appearance on screen. And of course the cathedral gazes down on the First Dates restaurant. We show you the restaurant and tell you all about the filming of the show. Then you see a charming, historic location which was where two crucial scenes took place in a Natalie Portman and Jude Law film. You move on to see where Sherlock jumped off the hospital roof to fake his death and where John was knocked down by the cyclist, and we theorise as to how Sherlock did it. Almost next door is the oldest and most filmed in church in London. Think of a wedding or a funeral or a crypt scene in a British film and it probably took place here. And then it’s another remarkable looking building and it’s easy to see why James Bond and Guy Ritchie films have been shot here. And you finish with a bit of Gotham City. NB: If you’re keen Harry Potter fans we can shorten the walk a little to give us time to jump on a tube for one stop to show you the two railway stations used in the Harry Potter films, and you get to see platform 9 and threequarters where you can have a photo taken of you disappearing into the wall if you wish! Bring your camera!

Start Monument Underground Station
Finish Farringdon Station or Kings Cross Station
Shorter Walk alternative: Various options depending on what parts of the walk you particularly wish to see.