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ripper 14 of the 6 Jack the Ripper murder sites are in the process of being destroyed by construction works at the moment, and a fifth has long been destroyed and not worth visiting. So you are now shown the last murder site worth seeing, before following in the killers footsteps along cobbled streets, through Victorian warehouses and past Leman Street nick (of Ripper Street fame). (If you’re Ripper Streets fans, let the guide know and he’ll  show you other places mentioned in the series).

You also see a murder site that has been linked to the Ripper but is unlikely to be related, and are shown the only two buildings left from the Ripper murders, one of which was (perhaps) the site of the only clue ever found and the other was where a victim’s autopsy took place. You’re also shown you the outside of an old church where prostitutes used to advertise their wares, a night shelter, a soup kitchen, a dispensary, old pubs and other Victorian buildings which Jack would have known.

You finish by being taken down the last remaining dark, narrow alley (see photograph above), which one of Jack’s victims probably walked down to her death.

And throughout you’re shown amazing photographs of Whitechapel 1888, which bring the mean streets and its characters to life.

Start Shadwell Overground Station
Finish Your choice of Liverpool Street station or a Spitalfields pub, cafe or restaurant