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georgianThis walk starts with Mary Wollstonecraft before entering perhaps the grandest and prettiest of all Georgian squares complete with some street lamps that predate gas. Then it’s on to the British Museum and mention of nearby “Gin Lane” and “Beer Street”. Then it’s another big historic square followed by a cute tree-filled spot where you could be in any little square in France. You see some George the Third and Queen Charlotte history, and fine buildings, some of which were transformed into a famous hospital. Then you stroll past one of London’s most historic Georgian pubs which is one of the few such places left to still have its original “screens”. You then see an intriguing modern art work which commemorates a great Georgian children’s charity. You see the house where perhaps the most famous literary couple of the Regency era lived and there’s a remarkable story surrounding two of their most famous works. There’s then yet more great architecture before you stroll through the world’s first pedestrianised, purpose built shopping street complete with those cute little windows that only Georgian shops have. Then it’s time to head north past two more great squares to see a pair of relics dating from 1837 which are the ultimate sign that it was the end of one era and the beginning of another.

Start Goodge Street underground station
Finish Euston railway station