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PageImage-497298-2467435-da2c9a83f9This walk is unique in that it’s the not the same walk from one day to the next. The art is continually changing, so the route is regularly changed to encompass the best new works. You’re told about some of the art and artists, but because art is in the eye of the beholder, the tour is also very much set by you. You go along at your pace taking as long or as little time as you wish on the works. In some ways it’s a walk of two halves. The first half is full of big spectacular works in Shoreditch, and then once you’re in Spitalfields it’s wall to wall (literally) street art, with hundreds of images for all tastes.

You see a few of Banksy’s which are protected so you can pretty much guarantee they will be there, as they have been for some years. Other stars also have work that has been respectively allowed to stay in place for some time, such as the that of Thierry Noir, Ben Eine, Shepherd Fairey, Stik and Mad C. Plus there may be work to see of rising stars such as Dale Grimshaw and Jimmy C. And of course there’s usually lots of work of the daddy of Shoreditch art, Paul Don Smith. Shoreditch favourites such as Endless, Shok 1, Otto Schade, Pure Evil and Phlegm are also still about. And Oker seems to be out of prison and redoing some his iconic work as well.

Present start: Shoreditch High Street station
Present finish: Spitalfields market or Aldgate East tube station