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SailorTownThe tours below include a percentage of outdoor walk and of tour within a museum. The weather on the day and the preferences of the group determines the percentages. So for example, if it’s a gorgeous sunny, not too cold winter’s day, an Old Limehouse walk can spend much of its time around the beautiful Limehouse basin, and the historic old Thameside area nearby, with a short pop into the Museum of Docklands at the end. But if it’s cold or wet, you can spend much less time fighting the elements, and more time in the fascinating museum. The guide is equally knowledgeable of both the streets of Limehouse and the museum exhibits.

Winter Walks:
Barnardo, Workhouses and the Ragged Museum
Jack the Ripper and the City of London Police Museum
Old Limehouse & the Museum of Docklands
Smithfield & the Museum of London
Talented Women in the National Portrait Gallery

Other walks that are good winter options because they include time out of the elements are:

Churches: Hidden Gems
Victorian, Trains, Tunnels and Tubes (includes various rides on public transport)
Young Victoria and Albert (includes a visit to the V&A museum, a tube ride and walking under Albertopolis through a tunnel)