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To celebrate this weekend’s processions, the highly acclaimed novel, Suffragette Autumn Women’s Spring, by Ian Porter, set during the final two years of the Suffragette movement, is for sale through this blog or the London Town Walks web-site for half price with free postage.

The novel is historically accurate and takes in events such as the Suffragette Derby, Mrs Pankhurst’s final march to Buckingham Palace and Sylvia Pankhurst’s threatened hunger strike to the death finally forcing the prime minister to the negotiation table. Emily Davison, the Pankhursts, Mary Richardson and Rosa May Billinghurst all appear in the story.

So that’s just £4.50 per copy or 3 for £10. Or if you’re book club, bookshop (or simply have lots of Xmas presents to buy!), 5 for £15, 7 for £20, 9 for £25 and so on.

Just get in touch for further details.