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This walk takes you to Dick Whittington’s church, Bow Bells of cockney fame, ruins that have been made into a beautiful garden, a church with a link to Winston Churchill, a church tower which is perhaps London’s most unusual residence (a one up-one up-one up!) and the inside and outside of lots of other churches. These include lesser known but wonderful churches – it depends how long a walk you would like, but there is the option to visit at least some of St Michael’s, St James’, St Mary Aldermary, St Martin’s, St Lawrence’s, St John’s. And we finish at one of Wren’s masterpieces, St Brides, which also has Roman and the earliest Christian remains in London. And of course we see St Paul’s Cathedral from the outside too.

We also pass through interesting, rather off the beaten track parts of the City full of fascinating history.

Start Cannon Street Station
Finish St Bride’s Church