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We quickly leave the busy St Pancras station area behind as we head into perhaps London’s most historic graveyard. It’s also a haven or peace and tranquillity. There’s a beautiful, ancient church, and various famous tombs and memorials. And it’s certainly a must for feminists with two of the greatest, most important women in our history remembered here. And have you ever wondered where the design for the icon red telephone box came from? Probably not, but even if you have, you no longer need to wonder for it’s here! We then head along a canal, and see both one of the poorest and wealthiest areas in London right up against each other. Then we see Egyptian sphinxes (you didn’t see that coming did you!) and an address where politicians like to live and make lots of money on buying and selling their houses using tax payers money. Once you’ve spat out all those feathers we head through a charming bit of gentrification. We finish at a quiet off the beaten track overground station, or if you prefer we can head for the restaurants, bars and cafes of the Angel area.

Start St Pancras – corner of Camley Street, Goods Way, Pancras Road
Finish Caledonian Road and Barnsley overground station or cafes/shops in the Angel Islington area