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Depending on whether or not you have an interest in street art, this walk starts at either the corner of York Road and Leake Street near the entrance to Waterloo station, or at the South Bank Lion at the southern entrance of Westminster Bridge. The Leake Street tunnel is a must if you like street art. From either the South Bank Lion or Leake Street we then head for London’s Either way, we then head for what is, in our opinion, the most beautiful memorial in London. And being to a nurse, it’s not controversial! We also get an amazing view of the Houses of Parliament across the river. We then see another fine memorial to brave women, with one of London’s oldest remaining palaces behind it. We stay in times gone by, showing you the tomb of a famous seafarer who lived nearby. Here’s a question for you – where did British pottery started? No, not in Stoke. It was in Lambeth! We show you an incredible old china company building. And opposite is the pub where Charlie Chaplin used to hang out. We then get great views of three spectacular buildings, one of which is a museum, the other two are very hush hush. We’ve crossed over Lambeth Bridge by now, and enter a leafy, quiet, spacious area. You would never know you were in Westminster. There are connections here to such diverse historical events as World War 2, the Titanic, early tabloid journalism, Lawrence of Arabia, the first football match, early London street lighting and Westminster school. Then it’s on to see a memorial to the Suffragettes, and we also see what should be a commemoration of the world’s greatest philanthropist (before Mr Microsoft came along at least) but shockingly isn’t. We finish with a completely unmarked anonymous building, and explain what this strange place is.

Start Westminster Bridge or Leake Street Waterloo
Finish St James’ tube station side entrance or a pub/cafe in the area