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We can’t show you the house used in Downton Abbey because that’s out in Berkshire, but we can certainly show you the great houses of London’s most exclusive 18th & 19th century addresses, where the upper and upper middle classes and their servants lived. And you’ll hear all about what it was REALLY like to be a servant in a great house at such time. You also see locations used in Downtown and Upstairs Downstairs, including the house in the latter. And throughout we are in Belgravia, where another recent TV series was set (but not filmed here). And of course these shows always had lots of drama. So we show you where what was surely the most famous upper class murder ever actually took place, and we tell you our theory about how the killer still at large got away. We also see the present day’s most exclusive addresses where Russian oligarchs and celebrities still have ‘the help’ wait on them. And we have a nice stroll through Green Park to see the largest mansions of them all, including of course Buck House, and nearby is a charming little spot where they do some filming for all these costume dramas.

Start Junction of Ebury Street and Lower Belgrave Street close to Victoria railway station
Finish in Green Park close to Piccadilly cafes/shops and Green Park underground station