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Water Fountain in Finsbury Circus, this water fountain is the nicest feature in the Circus. making the place enjoyable to come.

COVID – We have made changes to the routes and stopping places of our walks to ensure social distancing is adhered to at all times. Any walks where this would prove impossible have been discontinued. And our newest walk – Controversial Statues (we like to keep up with events!) – whilst taking place mostly in Westminster, the route has been astutely devised to keep away from crowds. Sadly, some of our most popular walks such as Talented Women in the National Portrait Gallery, and Swinging 60’s Soho, have had to go as it would be impossible to do these whilst maintaining good social distancing. Our Feminist ‘the Five’ Jack the Ripper Victims walk had to go too. But there is a spacious Whitechapel Crime walk in a different part of Whitechapel which includes a bit of Jack the Ripper social history. We have also completely rerouted Georgian London away from beautiful but busy, tight Bloomsbury to beautiful uncrowded, spacious Georgian areas such as the Inns of Court. Our Intriguing Alleys walk has been rerouted and renamed our Intriguing Spacious Quiet Spots walk. And we have lots of new walks that take in rivers, canals, parks, wetlands, basins, quiet squares, you name it. We’ve also added more walks in the City of London, as these are ideal weekend walks, with no crowds on the streets or on the trains into Cannon Street.

And in the past we have tended to start and finish walks at underground or railway stations, because these are easy places to meet. We can still do this, but if you would rather start and/or finish in other places, we can do this very easily. We’ll make arrangements with you when we swop emails whilst taking the bookings. And in the East End we can easily swop an underground station for a DLR station if you wish.